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What We Do – Nationwide Jobs

At ProSearch, we help clients solve their problems and drive their businesses forward by providing them with top talent for their professional jobs. We connect people. And frankly, we love doing that and it shows! We do this for clients NATIONWIDE.

Whether a Client or a Candidate, the most common response to working with a Pro-Search Recruiter is, “Wow. I have never had any recruiter do this for me. You guys are awesome.” For us, we strive to “Wow” you and we know that the secret to our success lies in leaving both clients and candidates truly amazed at the service they’ve received and the passion driving that service.

The nuts and bolts of our business are pretty simple. We often joke that we do not build supercomputers, nuclear reactors or rockets. We hire people that do, but fortunately for everyone, we at Pro-Search stick to the simple stuff. We recruit the best and brightest for America’s top employers. And we’re real proud of that.

We specialize in technology. Applications developers, Computer scientists, Software engineers, Software testing engineers, Security engineers, Infrastructure architects, Cloud architects, C++ engineers, Java engineers, .NET Engineers, Linux Engineers, HPC Engineers, IOS developers, Android developers, project managers, program managers,